At PONS STUDIO we want to inspire you to “TAKE A REAL RIDE TO A HEALTHIER LIFE."

Now, you can train in a way that’s both fun and functional by simultaneously working your upper and lower body on our brand new Real Ryder bikes.

At PONS STUDIO we offer a superior cardio workout which also strengthens your legs.  However, it is the unique design of the Real Ryder bike that also allows conditioning of your core and upper body, helping to improve balance, while burning more calories than a regular "spin" class. 

The Real Ryder bike has a unique articulating frame that allows it to steer, turn, lean, and feel like an actual road bike.  No longer are you simply just pedaling on a rigid stationary indoor cycle. 

This is the first real breakthrough in indoor cycling in 20 years.  Our indoor cycling class on a Real Ryder bike is unlike any other cycling class you have ever experienced.  You’ll feel the difference on the first ride!


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