Pons Studio Cycling is one of a kind cycling facility in Washington. Offering indoor cycling and rowing classes that are suitable for spinning enthusiasts, cyclists, expert racers, or anyone else who wants to get a great workout.  We are more than just another spin class!

At Pons Studio we know how to help you get fit and have a great time while doing it. We encourage anyone to try it out! Don’t be intimidated if you feel out of shape. Our clientele ranges from Iron-man triathletes and elite level bike racers to working moms, teenagers and retired folks!

This is YOUR workout and our experienced instructors will guide you, inspire you, and help you reach YOUR goals . Whether your goal is to lose weight, do a faster bike split, improve your 20K , or just improve your fitness level. We are confident that our classes will help you achieve your objective.

Newbies and experienced riders alike will get a good workout as our experienced instructors will help guide you through the class. Our workouts are more focused than a typical gym spin class due to our RealRider bikes which allow you to move the handle side to side as if you were riding your own bike outdoors! This allows you to recruit more muscles in your upper body and core.  We want our classes to mimic a real road ride, but even better. We have created a fun, friendly environment, where you can get a great workout anytime.

Come try a class with ZERO risk, your first workout session is absolutely FREE of charge, no strings attached! We believe in community rather than memberships, which is why we offer to pay for classes as you go, without any enrollment fees. At Pons Studio you only pay per workout session.  Once you reserve a bike, you will know you have a spot in class. 

We offer spacious, comfortable and clean facilities, as well as high-tech bike computers that measure your success.


Meet the owner

Bio: I have always been involved in sports. Growing up I participated in soccer, swim and karate. Further into college I played Basketball for my school. After college I began racing Mountain Bikes which then escalated to Cyclocross and Road Bike racing. I've dealt with many sport related injuries, specially on my knees which is why I leaned on spinning as a way to stay in shape. Today I compete on top of my age group for the cycling team PC4 MEN. I received my certificate for Level 2 U.S.A Cycling Coach in 2007 and began coaching, training and teaching classes in 2010 when my family opened Pons Studio Cycling. I love working with a variety of people and help them meet their personal goals! 

Specialties: My specialties involve healthy lifestyle, endurance sports, power sports, weight loss and management and rehab/injury recovery. 

Motto: Do everything with passion!